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How we do it

Our Unique Approach

Anyone can manage your assets, invest your money and determine your retirement income needs. We endeavor to take clients to a higher level; where the focus is on building financial bridges to help you get from where you are today to where you'd like to be.

By asking the RIGHT questions first, we'll have a much greater understanding of the financial bridges required. By asking the RIGHT questions, we help ensure you have an appropriate and comprehensive plan in place to protect and preserve your financial security and lifestyle.

We Help People Build Financial Bridges for their Business and their Life

Frank Allen Financial Group Inc. is a specialized, vibrant and focused financial services firm which caters to the unique financial security needs of business owners, professional practitioners and retirees. We recognize that in the lives of Family Business Owners, Professional Practitioners and Retirees, there is an ongoing series of events and transitions; some of these are expected, some unexpected. Virtually all of these transitions will involve both time and money.

What Are Financial Bridges?

Financial bridges are effective and timely strategies and solutions that are put in place to protect and preserve your lifestyle and financial security before life events and transitions occur. One of the keys to building effective financial bridges is ensuring they are comprehensive and integrated.

Why You Need Financial Bridges

Financial Security is not about how much wealth you have, it’s about how well you wealth, your lifestyle and your future needs are protected and preserved. Financial Bridges are the result of thorough analysis and understanding of the issues you face in your business and personal life. Strong financial bridges come from us asking you the hard questions and finding the right answers for your unique needs and opportunities.

You need financial bridges in place now to provide you with the opportunities and protection to overcome the expected and unexpected transitions that will inevitably occur throughout your lifetime. The reality of life is that these transitions seem to intensify and increase in frequency as we get older. The good news is that you now have the wisdom to lessen the impact these events and transitions will have on your life and your wealth.

Our Building Bridges Process


We ask the right questions. We will sit down and discuss important parts of your situation in order to ensure the best strategy for your needs and goals. We listen. We care.
Some questions could include...

  • What do you want your retirement to look like?
  • What are the sources of your retirement income? How long will it last?
  • Do you have a benefit plan now? Are you happy with it? If not, are employees asking for it?
  • Are you losing employees because of you don't have a plan or it's not good enough?


There is no one-size fits plan. Retirement Planning is about more than your money. It's first and foremost about what you want for your life. We customize to fit your budget for home or company.   We consider and work with you to understand your budget and your employee demographics.

Most of us are used to receiving income on a regular monthly basis, and our job is to design a retirement income plan with financial tools that fit your lifestyle, will be tax effective, and will provide an income for your lifetime.

We don't want you to run our of money before you run out of life. And because there is usually "something left over when it's all over", we'll help you build that financial bridge to your family and favorite charities.


Solutions that fit your plan. We work diligently to research the marketplace for the best fitting solutions for your needs.  We consider your budget, your specific needs and lifestyle requirements, and the value of the plan.

If you don't have an employee benefit plan or you're changing carriers, we'll work with you to gather the necessary information and resources you'll need to administer and support your plan. We work carefully with you to ensure there is no lapse of coverage protecting you and your employees.

Our job is not to make you rich but to keep you from being poor, to help you sleep at night. Your return on life is as important as your return on investment.


We're here to assist you. We feel it is a very important to have continuing updates and education on your plan to keep you current on important legislature as well as trends.

We encourage you to phone our office to first when you have questions, concerns or inquiries. We'll go to the insurance provider to find the answers you need and to resolve any issues or claims that arise.

With ever increasing cost of living, it is very import that you and your employees are aware of the cost drivers, and ways that both you and your employees can help you keep money in the long run. 

Life is a series of events and transitions. Most plans, or at least good plans, need to be flexible to adapt to changes along the way. We're here to see you through those changes.

“With age comes the wisdom to plan ahead for the multitude of life events and transitions that intensify as we get older. “

Let’s build financial bridges for your business and your family; your life.