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Advice You can Trust

The Value of Advice

Your world is constantly changing and understanding how or if it affects you can be overwhelming.
That’s why the value of advice is more important than ever before.

Frank Allen Financial Group Inc. is a specialized, vibrant and focused financial services firm which caters to the unique financial security needs of business owners, professional practitioners and retirees. We recognize that, in the lives of Family Business owners and Professional Practitioners, there is an ongoing series of transitions: some of these transitions are expected and some are unexpected. But, virtually all of these transitions will involve both time and money.

The Frank Allen Financial Group Inc. caters to TWO distinct demographic groups:

The unique Financial Security needs of Business Owners, Professional Practitioners and their Employees.    

The Special Income and Legacy needs of Retirees from ages 60 to 90.

Learn more about Solutions for Business Owners ➠  Learn more about Solutions for Retirees ➠

Insurance Solutions

Personal Insurance and Estate Planning 

It’s not what we have in life, but who we have that matters. By planning for tomorrow today, you can retain more of your assets, protect your estate and leave a legacy for your family or loved ones. With the right Insurance solutions, you can protect the people you care about most with easy-to-understand options that offer peace of mind. We can provide educated advice and expertise for solutions tailored to your needs.  

  • Retirement Income Planning 
  • Family Life Insurance 
  • Mortgage Insurance protection 
  • Personal Disability Insurance 
  • Personal Critical Illness Insurance 
  • Manulife One mortgage
  • Childrens Education Plans (RESPs) 
  • Travel Insurance 


Retirement Income & Investment Planning 

To enjoy your retirement, you’ll need a steady source of income and a plan uniquely tailored to you. We'll help you understand where your money will come from and when you’ll be able to access it, so you can gain confidence in the potential to grow your future income stream. Whether your focus is travel, leisure, or reaching new goals, there’s one factor that plays a role in every successful retirement — good planning.

  • Retirement Income Planning
  • RRSPs
  • RRIFs 
  • Mutual Funds 
  • Segregated Funds 
  • Annuities 
  • Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) 
  • Term Deposits 
  • Manulife's Income Plus 
  • Individual Pension Plans (IPPs) 
  • Guaranteed Life Income Plans 

Investment Solutions

Estate Planning

Business Protection Planning

By planning for tomorrow today, you can retain more of your assets, protect your estate and leave a legacy for your family or loved ones. There are different ways to achieve your goals, including business succession, wills, beneficiary designations, powers of attorney, insurance, trusts, tax strategies, and charitable gifts. 

  • Business Owner Succession Planning
  • Business Exit Strategies 
  • Funding Buy-Sell Agreements 
  • Key Executive Insurance 
  • Collateral Term Insurance 
  • Business Loan Protection 
  • Insured Retirement Plans 
  • Funding of Capital Gains Tax 
  • Funding of Share Equalization 
  • Business Continuation/Succession 
  • Reserve 

Group Employee Benefit Planning 

Find simple, cost effective and tax efficient plans to attract and retain the best talent. Stay competitive as an employer and keep your plan members engaged by helping manage their health and wellness. Whether you are a small or large business, we will meet with you to assess your needs and explain your options, some of these could include:

  • Group Life and Accidental Death coverage
  • Group Disability Income Insurance 
  • Group Extended Health and Dental 
  • Group Critical Illness coverage 
  • "Best Doctors" protection 
  • Group Pension and RRSP plans 
  • Private Health Service Plans (PHSPs) 


Planning for Retirement